Acoustic Ecology of European Bats

352 pages   |   16,5x24 cm   |   Feuilleter

Species Identification, Study of their Habitats and Foraging Behaviour.
By Michel Barataud with collaboration from Y. Tupinier, translated from French by A. Cockle.

This book is the result of 25 years of research by the author in the field of ultrasound detection. It contains a wealth of yet unpublished information indispensable to amateur naturalists and professionals involved in the management of protected areas or in environmental impact studies.

A DVD, included at the end of the book, contains more than 300 sound sequences (both heterodyne and x10 time expansion) collected from formally identified individuals flying in natural conditions. It also includes charts in xls format for the identification of all bat species.

This book is the English translation of the third French edition of "Écologie acoustique des chiroptères d'Europe", to be published.